International Center for School-Based Youth Development

Michael James Furlong, PhD

I am a professor affiliated with the International Center for School-Based Youth Development.

Work hard, have fun, be good, do good.

Selected Recent Publications

  • Furlong, M. J., Fullchange, A., & Dowdy, E. (in press)Effects of mischievous responding on the results of school-based mental health screening: I love rum raisin ice cream, really I do!  School Psychology Quarterly.
  • Furlong, M. J., You, S., Shishim, M., & Dowdy, E. (in press). Development and validation of the Social Emotional Health Survey–Higher Education version. Applied Research in Quality of Life.
  • Dowdy, E., Harrell-Williams, L., Dever, B., Furlong, M. J., Moore, S., Raines, T., & Kamphaus, R. (in press). Predictive validity of a student self-report screener of behavioral and emotional risk in an urban high school. School Psychology Review.
  • Moore, S. Dowdy, E., & Furlong, M. J. (in press). Using the Depression, Anxiety, Stress Scales–21 with U.S. adolescents: An alternate models analysisJournal of Psychoeducational Assessment.
  • Lilles, E., Furlong, M. J., & Quirk, M. (in press). Academically resilient Latino elementary students bridging the achievement gap. Contemporary School Psychology.
  • Quirk, M., Mayworm, A, Edyburn, K., & Furlong, M. J. (in press). Dimensionality and measurement invariance of a school readiness screener by ethnicity and home language. Psychology in the Schools. 
  • Fullchange, A., & Furlong, M. J. (2016). An exploration of effects of bullying victimization from a complete mental health perspective. Sage Open, (January-March), 1–12. doi:10.1177/2158244015623593
  • Furlong, M. J. (2015). Introduction to special issue school-based approaches to promote complete mental health: School psychologists working to foster students’ thriving well‐being. Contemporary School Psychology. 19, 231–­232. doi:10.1007/s40688-015-0078-2
  • Quirk, M., Grimm, R., Furlong, M. J., Nylund-Gibson, K., & Swami, S. (2015). The association of Latino/a children’s kindergarten school readiness profiles with Grade 2-5 reading growth trajectories. Journal of Educational Psychology, First published online, 14 December 2015.
  • Lenzi, M., Dougherty, D., Furlong, M. J., Dowdy, E., & Sharkey, J. D. (2015). The configuration protective model: Factors associated with adolescent behavioral and emotional problems. Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology, 38, 49–59.  doi:10.1016/j.appdev.2015.03.003 

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