Suggested Uses  

There are two versions of the CSCSS. Both have been found to have sound psychometric properties that support their use in research and for school-based mental health services. We offer the following suggestions to guide your thinking about which version best fits your interests.

CSCSS (sample form)

CSCSS Online Administration and Scoring

This core scales of the self-report CSCSS-SF include 40 items that assess student perceptions of (a) potentially Dangerous behaviors that occur on campus, (b) global feelings of Safety, (c ) positive campus climate, and (d) personally experienced victimization.

CSCSS-PM (Progress Monitor) (sample form)

CSCSS Process Monitor Online Administration and Scoring

The CSCSS-PM is a 15-item measure that was developed to provide a brief, but psychometric sound instrument that can be used by researchers to efficiently measures the latent traits of School Danger, School Safety, School Climate, and Victimization. It uses the best items from the CSCSS-SF to measure these traits. With only 15-items, it can be used by schools to efficiently and frequently monitor students' personal experiences on campus and their overall perceptions of a school's climate. 

Age Considerations

The CSCSS has been used with children as young as 10 years old. It is recommended for use in Grades 6-12.