The Kindergarten Student Entrance Profile is a universalscreening measure of students’ school readiness. The KSEP is an observational rating scale completedby teachers after they observe a child for three weeks in the natural classroom environment. All districtkindergarten teachers completed a two-hour training session focused on procedures for administeringand scoring the KSEP. This training explained the KSEP rubric, which provides operational definitionsfor each KSEP item.

Since its original development in 2005, the goal has been to implement and refine the KSEP based on carefully implemented action research involving the educators, community organizations, and university researchers. The KSEP's development is informed by the research described in this section. We provide information about KSEP research and other school readiness research that we hope will encourage the use of data informed school readiness practices in your community and schools.

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