Low Sex Drive An Insight for the Man, Its Not Always You

A low sex drive can be defined as lack of inclination toward having sex. It is quite common for most people to experience a decrease in sex drive for a temporary period. However, the problem arises when low sex drive persists for a long period. While anyone can suffer from low sex drive, men and women, a majority of these cases are those of women and not men, as most commonly discussed. Fortunately, the solutions to having a low sex drive are very similar for both genders.

Here are some of the signs that might reveal that you are suffering from low sex drive:

  • There is reduction in desire to have sex
  • You do not have sexual fantasies for long periods
  • You do not feel like initiating a sexual act

There are a large number of reasons that can cause low sex drive. They include:

  • Illness: Many Illnesses specially prolonged ones can seriously affect your sex drive. Sometimes, it is the disease that is to blame and in other cases, it is the medicines that you have to take during the illness.
  • Obesity: Being overweight may lead to lethargy and lack of stamina to have sex. It also lowers the sexual confidence that may lead to low interest in having sex.
  • Psychological condition: If you are suffering from a depression, excessive stress and anxiety, then the chances are that you may also be suffering from low sex drive. These conditions adversely affect the ability of a person to desire sex.
  • Hormonal imbalance: If your body is not producing hormones in correct quantities, there is a probability that this could create problems in your libido or sex drive. Women who are suffering from thyroid problems and those undergoing menopause have reported decline in sex drive.

Other possible reasons of low sex drive include- relationship problems, experiencing pain or discomfort during sex, addiction to drugs and alcohol and sexual abuse.

The treatment of low sex drive begins by acknowledging the problem and visiting a doctor to help you identify the reason behind it all. If there is a medical problem, the doctor will begin treatment for it. If it is not a medical problem, then you may need to visit a psychologist for identifying what is causing the low sex drive. Fortunately, in most cases, doctors or mental health professionals are able to help solve this problem.